Unauthorized Authenticated Access

One of the most difficult types of attacks to detect, and the one that can cause the most damage, is an authenticated malicious user.

Predicting Password Patterns and habits

Having access to multiple versions of a users passwords poses additional threats to an organization's security.

User Habits and Misuse

An organization's email accounts belong to that organization. Understanding where and how employees use them....


Average number of cyber incidents every year


Estimated average loss in 2017 per company


Percentage increase in cyber-security costs per year

206 Days

Average time it take for a company to discover they've been hacked


Percentage of companies that experiences one or more successful attacks

What Makes us Unique?

What makes Joe Black Security special?

Expert Ethical Hackers

With multiple decades of experience across all aspects of the security industry,we can be trusted to offer clear and concise feedback that is based on real-world know-how.

Best Practices

Beyond acting like a malicious attacker would, we employ industry best practices to effectively thwart attacks and keep your company’s information secure.

Real-Life Processes

Our process of emulating real-life attacks is as authentic an attack as you can get without maliciously being attacked.

A love for the Job

More than a job, it's a passion for us. We live, eat, and dream security. It's a driving force in our lives and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Professional Service

Our clients deserve the best service possible, and we will always strive to provide you a great experience.

Only the Best

Our team is comprised of highly-trained ethical hackers and security experts who are throughly vetted.