RedTeam Exercises

An all encompassing, organizational wide test into the security readiness and responsiveness of its in-place security posture.

Traditional Penetration Testing

Comprised of all the parts of a full security assessment (RedTeam) but broken down into single services that are tailored to fit your organization's needs.

LeakDB Threat Engine

A database of nearly 5 billion leaked credentials taken from the internet, showing the risks associated with credential reuse in a corporate environment.

Digital Profile

An in-depth look at what information your organization and its employees are knowingly or unknowingly sharing on-line, and its potential impact.

BlueTeam Exercises

Network and system architects work directly with your organization's security teams to identify security shortcomings in order to develop secure Network/Software life cycles.

PurpleTeam Exercises

Providing a real-time bridge between the attackers and an organization's security team, to ensure real-life attacks are caught and stopped in their tracks.


Average number of cyber incidents every year


Estimated average loss in 2017 per company


Percentage increase in cyber-security costs per year

206 Days

Average time it take for a company to discover they've been hacked


Percentage of companies that experiences one or more successful attacks

Unauthorized Authenticated Access

One of the most difficult types of attacks to detect, and the one that can cause the most damage, is an authenticated malicious user.

Predicting Password Patterns and habits

Having access to multiple versions of a users passwords poses additional threats to an organization's security.

User Habits and Misuse

An organization's email accounts belong to that organization. Understanding where and how employees use them....