More than anything, it's our mission to see our customers increase their security awareness. It's especially wonderful when our customers see how something so far out of their control can become a security threat, and then takes the appropriate actions to ensure it doesn't turn into a breach. Here we get a chance to showcase some of the responses our customers had after showing them how much of a threat leaked credentials can be.

“When we were approached about this leaks database, we weren't quite sure what to think. At first we didn't believe such a thing could be a risk to our organization. That is until Joe and his team showed us how quickly they could brute force exposed credentials against our webmail login. After good credentials were found, it was only a matter of connecting to our VPN and within a few minutes they had direct access to our internal network. It was an eye-opener and we suggest every organization consider getting access to this database.”

--KJH, Financial Institute
South Korea

“We've worked with Joe for many years when he was at Cisco and he has always provided excellent services. So when we heard about his credentials database, we were happy to give it a shot. I would like to say we knew of all the leaked credentials that could impact us and we were adequately taking precautions against it, but we were wrong. While 99.9% of the lines were already known about and the associated accounts flagged, all it took was one account we were not aware of to get full access to an employee's email. Suffice to say, we signed up for monthly updates immediately.”

--TH, Leading International Insurance Agency

“The piece of mind is more than worth what we pay for this service.”

--LMH, Advertising Agency
South Korea