Our RedTeam exercises are unmatched in their reach and in the skills of the security experts who perform them. When you think your networks are protected and impenetrable... When your CISO feels safe and secure in the work he's done... When you get that feeling in the back of your mind that something just doesn't feel right. Thats when our RedTeams come in.

It's been our experience that no network is 100% secure. There is ALWAYS a way in. Either, for example, from an unknown or forgotten web application, an over-zealous employee, or a workstation left unlocked and unattended just a little too long. RedTeams will discover where you are vulnerable.

Performing penetration tests on a set of web applications or subnets is great for when new infrastructure is added. But a threat actor is not going to care about systems you consider too sensitive for a penetration test. They are after everything you consider valuable and will attack your organization relentlessly until they find a way in.

In order to combat this kinda of thinking, we will attack your networks, offices, and employees, just like the threat actors do except we will work directly with your security teams and SOCs to ensure you know whats happening and how it will effect you.

Our full RedTeam exercise includes attacking every aspect of your organization:

  • Digital Profile - An in-depth look at your organization through an attackers eyes
  • Social Engineering - Attempt to gain and abuse trust of the organization's employees
  • Spear Pishing - Targeted email to trick employees into opening attachments or submitting credentials
  • Physical Exploitation - Gain access to specific locations by bypassing physical security
  • Wireless - Abusing access to company infrastructure via WiFi hacking, rouge devices, or vlan hopping
  • IoT - Attempting to access critical infrastructure via unsecured IoT devices
  • Mobile - Attacking mobile applications created by your organization either directly or via reverse engineering
  • External and Internal Infrastructure - Attacking your networks like a hacker would, either from the outside or from within
  • Web Application - Discovering and attacking all web applications associated with your organization
  • Etc... - Whatever it would take to impersonate a real threat actor